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X Obsolete
This item became obsolete in version 0.6. It was removed, or will be removed, in version 0.6.

Version: 0.5

This schematic unlocks the ability of wood craftsmanship in Medieval Engineers. Also unlocks the ability to research the schematic for Wheel0.5.png Wheelwrighting.

This research is one of the basic schematics on the Medieval Engineers Research Tree.png Medieval Engineers Research Tree/0.4.

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

HouseTimberFloorLargeRound0.6.1.png Large Round Floor TimberRound.png Round Timber Wardrobe.png Wardrobe
WindMillBlade.png Wind Mill Blade WoodBarrel.png Wooden Barrel WoodChair.png Wooden Chair
BasicWood.png Wooden Roof WoodenRoofInnerCorner.png Wooden Roof Inner Corner WoodenRoofOuterCorner.png Wooden Roof Outer Corner
RoofWoodTop.png Wooden Roof Top Section

Research Unlocked By This Schematic

Wheel0.5.png Wheelwrighting

Research Required to Craft This Schematic


Items Required to Craft This Schematic

Timber.png 10  Timber

TimberDiagonal1 10 10.png 10  Large Diagonal Timber
WoodenMallet0.5.png 1  Wooden Mallet
WoodTable.png 1  Crafting Table

Inventory Item


0.02 kg kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)