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Version: 0.6.2

The combat category contains pages about combat in Medieval Engineers. This includes specific weapons, techniques and game mechanics.

There is two kinds of combat, individual combat and siege combat.

Individual Combat

Individual combat is combat between the player and other players or barbarians using handheld weapons. These weapons include different types of crossbows, different types of swords, maces, and spiked and bludgeoning clubs. Various tools such as axes can also be used for combat, although they will be less effective than their combat oriented counterparts. Also Important to individual combat are consumables such as bandages and some foods which can all raise health during combat.

Siege Combat

Siege combat is defined as combat between players involving a defender who is behind castle walls and and an attacker who often has siege equipment. This kind of combat can often see the use of siege towers, trebuchets, catapults etc.


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