Coggernaut's Big Guide Of Medieval Engineers Modding

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Version: 0.5

The Big Guide Of Medieval Engineers Modding By [1COG] Coggernaut and 1 collaborators.

A "Do it live" kind of guide, that will teach someone who has never modded to learn how to mod Medieval Engineers.

Do you have a Blender model completed with a stable 512x512.png UV ready and accompanying 512x512.png texture ready to convert to .dds format?


Than this guide is definitely for you if you are trying to figure out the magic of M.E. modding from the Blender platform. I was where you once are now.


This guide can still work for you but some knowledge in blender is pretty much required. This guide may get your creative juices flowing and introduce you to your new favorite toy.

Whether you have Blender installed or not got to C: drive folder or what ever the root directory of your machine is and make a folder called "BlenderSaves". Also within this folder create a folder called "Textures" and also a folder called "Models". This will store your pre-M.E. world developing products so you may get them to the right size and orientation when exporting the models into the M.E. & S.E. data standard "3Dmodel.mwm" file format.

Within the texture folder you should keep backups of your .png textures not including UVs. Within the Models folder make more folders by the name of the block you are creating and keep multiple versions of the iterations until a final placeholder is reached then delete outdated and obsolete versions. Examples will be found in the upcoming videos.

Have you created the folder in "Appdata/Roaming/Medieval Engineers/Mods" that will contain your mod creation?


O.K. you are probably just ready for the video that shows you how to make your .blend into a .mwm file. That is coming but I must lay all this out first to be certain all the information is clear.


That's not a problem. Do that now and come right back to this spot. Use the main content folder and grab the basics. (Data/_,Models/_,Textures/(Models/_),(GUI/_)) Throw these in a named folder and you have the basis of your mod folder.

Place this into the previously named "Roaming" M.E. directory and into that mods folder. This Folder of folders is the ground work for the storage and coding of your future creative expressions. You can delete all unnecessary files you are not modding unless the game gives you a bug later and you might have to re-add something but keep the files as light as you can in the beginning of your M.E. modding journey.

A message from the creator Coggernaut!

What Software do I need? (It's all FREE) Hello, I am the narrator for this adventure. It will be an exciting trip filled with success, struggle, and new found joy. Modding can be tricky at first but as you practice modeling and explore new things, you begin to find it more easy. Though as you begin your journey, your pockets feel empty... if that's the case don't worry! Hurry, open the chests to acquire your Modding Equipment.

  1. You need a Modeling software, this guide uses the Blender: BLENDER DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. This is important for understanding how to use Blender with ME:

This guide was designed for Space Engineers, but it works for Medieval Engineers, so you need to get your Mwm converter working. You'll find the (working) mwm converter.exe in 32-bit MedeivalEngineersModSDK. If you use the Current MedievalEngineersModSDK the mwm converter will not work. So Please keep the "Legacy" 32-Bit SDK on while using the Blender Addon, if you need to import an FBX, please use the Current SDK.

  1. You MUST follow this guide above ^^^

  1. Havoc is required for Blender, Link to acquire havoc

  1. You will then need a Scripting software to write a script. (I use Notepad).
  1. You will need some Painting programs:

- MS Paint

  1. You will need a PNG to DDS converter:

  1. You will need the Legacy 32-Bit version and current version (at different points in time) of the Medieval EngineersModSDK file: Found under steam Library --> Tools

(The reason you need the legacy 32-Bit version is that it contains the Mwmbuilder that works for this guide's blender to mwm converter.)

Equipped with the legendary tools of modding, you begin your quest, you step into the darkness, but you are not alone! The narrator is with you! Let us begin....

If you have any further questions, our modding group is here: