Copper Ingot

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Copper Ingot

"Copper Ingots are created by smelting Copper Ore in the Furnace. They are used to craft soft metal items in the Smithy or Forge."

Version: 0.6.4


Used to Craft

MetalParts.png Metal Parts TimberSmall.png Weight Smithy.png Smithy
FireBucket.png Brazier Mace.png Studded Club AxeCopper.png Copper Axe
HammerCopper.png Copper Hammer PickaxeCopper.png Copper Pickaxe HandPlowCopper.png Copper Hand Plow
ShovelCopper.png Copper Shovel

Used to Build


Crafting Recipe 1

Crafted By (Any)

ClayFurnace.png Furnace

Required Research (Any)

IronWorks.png Smelting

IronWorksEcon.png Ore Refining
      IronWorksMil.png Metal Working

Required Items

OreCopper.png 5  Copper Ore

Amount Produced

1 items

Crafting Time

5 second(s)


This item has the following tag(s)



Castable from

AxeCopperBroken.png 1 Broken Copper Axe HammerCopperBroken.png 1 Broken Copper Hammer PickaxeCopperBroken.png 1 Broken Copper Pickaxe
HandPlowCopperBroken.png 1 Broken Copper Hand Plow ShovelCopperBroken.png 1 Broken Copper Shovel AxeCopper.png 1 Copper Axe
HammerCopper.png 1 Copper Hammer PickaxeCopper.png 1 Copper Pickaxe HandPlowCopper.png 1 Copper Hand Plow
ShovelCopper.png 1 Copper Shovel

Inventory Item


35 kg

Stack Size

25 item(s)

Hit Points

50 points