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Version: 0.6.4

Where to source information

Farmable information located in the FarmableEnvironmentItems.sbc which can be located in the game's content folder in your steam library \MedievalEngineers\Content\Data\Environment\FarmableEnvironmentItems.sbc Farmables usually have three or four growth steps. Each of these steps has a TimeToNextStep tag that specifies the growth time. Steps that have <Actions> tags allow interaction with the farmable, usually adding a Gather action which indicates a mature state of the plant. For more details see Finding Source Information.

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This table indicates the growth times of each available crop at their different stages in real-life time. The growth cycles follow one after another, so the next cycle does not start until after the first one in the process is complete. Crops can be harvested only in the "Grown" stage with the sole exception of Herbs.png Herbs. Herbs can be picked in the "Young" stage to be used as WoodenStick.png Wooden Sticks.

The stages are

  • Sapling
  • Young
  • Grown
  • Withered
Crop Sapling Young
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 1hr 1hr
Cabbage.png Cabbage 0.5hr 0.5hr
FlaxBundle.png Flax Straws 0.5hr 1hr
WheatStraws.png Wheat Straws 0.5hr 1hr
Herbs.png Herbs 0.5hr 0.5hr

Also all crops turn into their withered state after 27 hours after being at their fully grown state.