Mechanized Farming Equipment

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X Obsolete
This item became obsolete in version 0.6. It was removed, or will be removed, in version 0.6.

Version: 0.5
Mechanized Farming

This schematic unlocks the Mechanized version of farming in Medieval Engineers. It has the potential to increase your farming production. To unlock this research you need to first unlock IronWorks0.5.png Iron Works and then Farming.png Farming before you can finally unlock Mechanized Farming Equipment Mechanized Farming Equipment. See Medieval Engineers Research Tree.png Medieval Engineers Research Tree/0.4 for more information.

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

HarvesterBlock.png Harvester PlowBlock.png Plow SeederBlock.png Seeder

Research Unlocked By This Schematic


Research Required to Craft This Schematic

Farming.png Farming

Wheel0.5.png Wheelwrighting

Items Required to Craft This Schematic

Timber.png 10  Timber

MetalParts.png 5  Metal Parts
WheelMediumSmall.png 2  Wheel
WoodChestLarge.png 1  Large Chest

Inventory Item


0.02 kg kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)