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2017-05-11 - Updated Guides

Some of our existing official guides have been updated to reflect changes in 0.5.1. Check out the list below and watch for some new guides coming soon™ ~CptTwinkie

2017-04-27 - Cooking and Small Stockpile

Category:Cooking and its pages have been updated. The Small Stockpile for Logs was added. ~CptTwinkie

2017-03-29 - Block Group Images (Part 2)

Progress has been made the 2nd third of the groups from Palisade Diagonal Spikes to Small Slopes. ~CptTwinkie

2017-03-28 - Block Group Images (Part 1)

The block groups are being updated with images to make it easier to find specific blocks. Currently progress has been made on about 1/3 of the groups from Angled Spiral Staircases to Palisade Diagonal Spikes. ~CptTwinkie

2017-03-27 - New blocks added!

Created pages for
Stockpile Log.pngLog Stockpile Stockpile Timber.pngTimber Stockpile
Stubs made for
DeerPlaque.pngDeer Head on Plaque WoodenCeilingDoor.pngWooden Trapdoor WoodenDiningTable.pngDining Table
WoodenShelf.pngShelf WeaponRack.pngWeapons Rack Bookshelf.pngBookshelf
Check out the Stub category for pages that need content. ~CptTwinkie


ReCaptcha added to create account, add external links, and repeated login attempts.
Login page text updated for readability. ~CptTwinkie


Due to a flood of spam hundreds of pages were rejected. If any legitimate Medieval Engineers pages were caught in this, please message the wiki chat in our Discord server (link on the left). Captcha challenges will be added for user creation next week. ~CptTwinkie


Moderation extension added to wiki. Pages from new users must go through a moderation queue. These pages will either be granted 'allow all' status or 'reject all' status. Rejected pages will also incur a spammer block. ~CptTwinkie


Block Groups organization finished. Many new page stubs need filling. ~CptTwinkie