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2017-08-10 Thumbnails

I added a new template for page thumbnails. This allows for cleaner code and changing the format of all thumbnails at the same time. ~CptTwinkie


2017-08-09 Claim Blocks

Thanks to a very complete contribution we now have pages for the claim blocks and taxes. ~CptTwinkie

ClaimBlock.pngClaim Block
ClaimBlockWood.pngWooden Claim Block

2017-08-08 Flaming Seeds

Some minor updates to the seeds pages. I wrote a general seedbag description on the category page and transcluded it to the individual seedbag pages as something of a summary. I also added the inventory information. The torch page has been updated as well. ~CptTwinkie

ME LOGO WIKI.pngCategory:Tools/Seedbags
Seeds Herbs.pngHerbal Plants Seeds
Seeds WheatStraws.pngWheat Seeds
Seeds Flax.pngFlax Seeds‎
Seeds Cabbage.pngCabbage Seeds
Seeds Pumpkin.pngPumpkin Seeds‎

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