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2017-10-06 More Silence

Hi everyone. Sorry I'm still not updating the news. I know there has been a lot of activity here but I've been busy on a number of other projects. I have the game fully exporting all blocks and block groups for the wiki (block groups are not available yet in the public build). Spend a minute exporting, copy/paste into the wiki and the blocks are done. IT'S FANTASTIC! I have plans for exporting many other things from the game, a great deal of the hard work is already done for that, I just need the time to finish it.

While I've been busy some of you have been contributing. There are new modding guides, information about controls, items, tools and weapons, voxel hands, treasure maps, farming, building, structural integrity, and probably a few I'm missing. It's been a great month for the wiki. I've been trying to review new submissions when I can. In some cases they have to wait until the weekend but I'm caught up for now.

Unfortunately, I'm still not able to return to daily updates for the wiki but I'm always available on the Keen Software House Discord Server. Jump into the #wiki channel to discus all things medieval and wiki. ~CptTwinkie

2017-08-27 Silence

Hi everyone. Sorry I've gone silent for so long. I know there has been some activity here while I've been gone and I'll write updates for all of it eventually. I'm not able to do daily updates right now because I'm spending my wiki-time on a project that should help with collecting information from the game. The first stage is almost complete and starting to produce reliable results. Just a little longer. ~CptTwinkie

2017-08-10 Thumbnails

I added a new template for page thumbnails. This allows for cleaner code and changing the format of all thumbnails at the same time. ~CptTwinkie


2017-08-09 Claim Blocks

Thanks to a very complete contribution we now have pages for the claim blocks and taxes. ~CptTwinkie

ClaimBlock.pngClaim Block
ClaimBlockWood.pngWooden Claim Block

2017-08-08 Flaming Seeds

Some minor updates to the seeds pages. I wrote a general seedbag description on the category page and transcluded it to the individual seedbag pages as something of a summary. I also added the inventory information. The torch page has been updated as well. ~CptTwinkie

ME LOGO WIKI.pngCategory:Tools/Seedbags
Seeds Herbs.pngHerbal Plants Seeds
Seeds WheatStraws.pngWheat Seeds
Seeds Flax.pngFlax Seeds‎
Seeds Cabbage.pngCabbage Seeds
Seeds Pumpkin.pngPumpkin Seeds‎

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