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2018-05-22 The Long Form

I had time over the last month to write some text and I made the most of it by working on the How To Play category. I was able to get many of the pages there to a more-or-less complete state and the remainder are not far behind. This includes the Engineer's Book, HUD screens, and all other Non-HUD screens. I also made some progress on the Flora category which now has some basic information available. Taxes was updated and expanded. This includes the Taxation Table which was expanded and will provide additional information on all of the pages it is used on.

On the more technical side of things, I moved all of the medieval theme related styles out of the templates and into the site and theme css files. It's not the best css organization (meaning it will not be convenient to reuse the selectors I created) but it means that the current templates won't have medieval formatting when used with other themes.

I also installed the Popups extension. It is a light-weight version of Wikipedia's Navigation popups that displays summary text (usually stopping at the first heading) and an image (usually a large one) from the beginning of articles when you hover your mouse pointer over a wiki link. The text is quite predictable in most cases but the images seem to update slowly and don't always behave as expected. Even so, it is a helpful feature on Wikipedia and I think it will be appreciated here as well. Click the cog in any popup to configure or disable it. See any page's Page information to preview the image selection for that page. Image selection is only updated when a page is saved and it may take some time (tens of minutes or hours) to show in the popups. My guess is that it's related to the slow updates in this version of the wiki that can be seen in slow category updates. I don't have a plan to update the wiki itself but we are now at the tail-end of version support for most extensions so I may have to consider it sooner than later. The slow updates seem to not be a problem on newer releases. ~CptTwinkie

2018-04-11 0.6.3 Update

All data has been updated to 0.6.3. Template:Stat Effects has been updated to reflect the new stats system. Enjoy the update :D ~CptTwinkie

2018-02-02 Update Complete

I've finished copying the export data. The wiki is now (mostly) up to date for 0.6. There may be some categories that need to be touched up. I plan to go through all of them one last time today. Blocks, block groups, items, quests, and schematics are all up to date. Everything is now fair game for descriptions and improvements. ~CptTwinkie

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