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2017-06-15 - Missing Images and Arrow Slit Blocks

Added missing images to clear Category:Missing_images. Completed pages for arrow slit blocks. ~CptTwinkie

2017-06-14 - New Blocks Added

I'm trying to get caught up with some of the new content. We've added small stockpiles and arrow slits. The arrow slits came with some category reorganization so I'm not finished, but the stockpiles are ready. Check them out. ~CptTwinkie
Small stockpile blocks
Arrow slit blocks:
New block groups:

2017-05-27 - Mod Metadata Guide

We're hard at work on documentation for 0.5. We should have some big updates coming soon but we wanted to release something now since we were receiving a lot of questions about it.
The metadata.mod file is created when you upload a mod in 0.5. It can be edited to set min/max version numbers. We've received a lot of questions about it from people who want to update their mods
to mark them compatible with 0.5 but haven't uploaded yet. So we've posted the Mod Metadata guide explaining how the file works. Keep an eye out for detailed 0.5 modding
guides coming soon. ~CptTwinkie

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