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"Basic palisade building techniques to help fortify encampments.

Build fortifications from palisades and wall-walks to defend your encampment."

Version: 0.6.4

Quest Information

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

Palisades.png Schematic: Palisades

Quest Steps

Step 1

It looks like you want to learn about military engineering. You'll learn about building strong defenses, strong weapons, and siegecraft. Some of what you learn will include other types of engineering but only engineers who have researched military techniques can build the strongest. Learning how to build palisades will help you to protect your home! Start by making sure you have the resources first.

• Obtain 4x Log (0/4)
• Obtain 4x Wooden Sticks (0/4)

Step 2

You'll want to get started building some defenses for your camp. Start with some palisades to form the base of the wall.

• Place 2x Palisade (0/2)
• Build 2x Palisade (0/2)

MilitaryPalisades 01.png

Step 3

Build palisade spikes or palisade battlements on top of the palisades. If you can't reach the top, you can build small stairs and wall-walks to make it easier. To attach the stairs or wall-walks to the palisade you may need to turn on compound building mode. This allows you to overlap some blocks in the same space. Press Letter Z to toggle compound building mode on/off or hold Left Shift to disable it momentarily.

• Place 2x blocks from this list: Palisade Spikes, Palisade Battlement (0/2)

MilitaryPalisades 02.png MilitaryPalisades 03.png