Round Timber

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Round Timber

"Round Timbers can be used to build with or to produce many items and blocks. They can
be crafted from logs."

Version: 0.6.4


Used to Craft

CatchBlockSmall.png Catch Block RopeDrumAloneSmall.png Rope Drum MillstoneSubpartCoarse.png Coarse Millstone Toolhead
MillstoneSubpartSmooth.png Smooth Millstone Toolhead WheelMediumSmall.png Wheel CatapultHead.png Catapult Bucket
LockCatchBlock.png Locking Catch Block WindMillBlade.png Wind Mill Blade HarvesterBlock.png Harvester
PlowBlock.png Plow SeederBlock.png Seeder RopePowerSmall.png Rope Torsion Spring
TurnCrossSmall.png Hand Crank Wheel WoodBed.png Bed Forge.png Forge
MillStone Small.png Mill Stone DrawingBoard.png Drafting Table Smithy.png Smithy
SpinningWheel.png Spinning Wheel TrainingDummy.png Training Dummy WoodChest.png Small Chest
StockpileLogSmall.png Small Stockpile for Logs StockpileIronSmall.png Small Stockpile for Ores StockpileOreSmall.png Small Stockpile for Stones
StockpileTimberSmall.png Small Stockpile for Lumber WoodenDiningTable.png Dining Table WeaponRack.png Weapon Rack
AxeBronze.png Bronze Axe HammerBronze.png Bronze Hammer PickaxeBronze.png Bronze Pickaxe
HandPlowBronze.png Bronze Hand Plow ShovelBronze.png Bronze Shovel AxeCopper.png Copper Axe
HammerCopper.png Copper Hammer PickaxeCopper.png Copper Pickaxe HandPlowCopper.png Copper Hand Plow
ShovelCopper.png Copper Shovel AxeIron.png Iron Axe Mace.png Studded Club
Crossbow.png Iron Crossbow HammerIron.png Iron Hammer PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe
HandPlow.png Iron Hand Plow ShovelIron.png Iron Shovel AxeSteel.png Steel Axe
CrossbowSteel.png Steel Crossbow HammerSteel.png Steel Hammer PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe
HandPlowSteel.png Steel Hand Plow ShovelSteel.png Steel Shovel CrossbowWood.png Wooden Crossbow
WoodenMallet.png Wooden Mallet WoodenShovel.png Wooden Shovel Plank.png Plank

Used to Build

MillStone.png Mechanical Gristmill SawmillMechanical.png Mechanical Sawmill Mill.png Mechanical Windmill
Transmission.png Horizontal Mechanical Shaft TransmissionLForward.png Horizontal Mechanical Joint TransmissionLDown.png Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down
TransmissionLUp.png Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up TransmissionWoodSwitchWithFrame.png Mechanical Switch TransmissionTDownWithFrame.png Vertical Mechanical Split, Down
TransmissionTUpWithFrame.png Vertical Mechanical Split, Up TransmissionTVerticalForwardWithFrame.png Vertical Mechanical Split TransmissionTForwardWithFrame.png Horizontal Mechanical Split
TransmissionVertical.png Vertical Mechanical Shaft TransmissionLDownWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down TransmissionLUpWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up
TransmissionLForwardWithFrame.png Framed Horizontal Mechanical Joint TransmissionVerticalWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Shaft TransmissionWithFrame.png Framed Horizontal Mechanical Shaft
BlankTower.png Wooden Support Wood90Support.png Sloped Wooden Support WalkWayStairs.png Small Stairs, Left
WoodRailingStraightPillar.png Railing With Supports WoodStairsSlope.png Wooden Stairs DrawBridge.png Wooden Drawbridge
PalisadeGate.png Palisade Gate Portcullis.png Wooden Portcullis ClaimBlockWood.png Wooden Claim Block
BannerWorkstation.png Banner Workstation TanningRack.png Tanning Rack BasicHay.png Thatch Roof
RoofHayTop.png Thatch Roof Top Section BasicRoof.png Tile Roof RoofTileOddTop.png Tile Roof Top Section
RoofTileCornerRoundTall.png Tall Round Tile Roof BasicWood.png Wooden Roof RoofWoodTop.png Wooden Roof Top Section
Stockpile Stone.png Large Stockpile for Stones Stockpile Timber.png Large Stockpile for Lumber House Half Timber Wall.png Half-timber Wall
House Half Timber Window.png Half-timber Wall With Window House Half Timber Door.png Half-timber Wall With Entrance House Half Timber Triangle.png Half-timber Wall Slope
HouseTimberTriangleOdd.png Half-timber Wall Top WallWoodPlanksCorner.png Plank Wall Pillar WalkWayStairsMir.png Small Stairs, Right
PlankShutter.png Half-timber With Shutters WoodShutterRound.png Round Wall With Shutters WoodShutter.png Wall With Shutters
PlankDoor.png Half-timber Wall With Door ThatchRoofInnerCorner.png Thatch Roof Inner Corner ThatchRoofOuterCorner.png Thatch Roof Outer Corner
RoundThatchRoofCorner.png Round Thatch Roof Corner ThatchRoofTopPlusSection.png Thatch Roof Top + Section ThatchRoofTopEnd.png Thatch Roof Top End
ThatchRoofTopPeak.png Thatch Roof Top Peak ThatchRoofTopTSection.png Thatch Roof Top T Section ThatchRoofTopCorner.png Thatch Roof Top Corner
RoofTileInvCorner.png Tile Roof Inner Corner RoofTileCorner.png Tile Roof Outer Corner RoofTileCornerRound.png Round Tile Roof Corner
RoofTileOddCross.png Tile Roof Top + Section RoofTileOddCut.png Tile Roof Top End RoofTileOddEnd.png Tile Roof Top Peak
RoofTileOddT.png Tile Roof Top T Section RoofTileOddTurn.png Tile Roof Top Corner RoofTileLargeRound.png Large Round Tile Roof
WoodenRoofInnerCorner.png Wooden Roof Inner Corner WoodenRoofOuterCorner.png Wooden Roof Outer Corner RoundWoodenTileRoofCorner.png Round Wooden Roof Corner
WoodenTileRoofTopPlusSection.png Wooden Roof Top + Section WoodenTileRoofTopEnd.png Wooden Roof Top End WoodenTileRoofTopPeak.png Wooden Roof Top Peak
WoodenTileRoofTopTSection.png Wooden Roof Top T Section WoodenTileRoofTopCorner.png Wooden Roof Top Corner

Block Information


Small Block


10 x 1 x 1



Crafting Recipe 1

Crafted By (Any)

Character.png Character

Required Research (Any)

No.png TUTORIAL: Basic Engineering

Required Items

Log250cm.png 1  Log

Amount Produced

6 items

Crafting Time

10 second(s)

Crafting Recipe 2

Crafted By (Any)

WoodTable.png Crafting Table

Required Research (Any)

No.png TUTORIAL: Basic Engineering

Required Items

Log250cm.png 1  Log

Amount Produced

8 items

Crafting Time

5 second(s)

Inventory Item


20 kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)

Hit Points

150 points


This item has the following tag(s)



Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [30 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [30 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [30 second(s)]
      Oven.png Oven  [30 second(s)]