Scrap Wood Branches

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Scrap Wood Branches

"Scrap Wood Branches are used to produce many items and blocks. They can be gathered by cutting down trees.
Scrap Wood Branches can also be used as a substitute for Wooden Sticks."

Version: 0.6.3


Used to Craft

Flag10x10.png Personal Flag FlagRed10x10.png House Flag ScrollBackgroundTag.png Blank Scrolls
LockCatchBlock.png Locking Catch Block WindMillBlade.png Wind Mill Blade WoodChair.png Wooden Chair
PlowBlock.png Plow Oven.png Oven PumpkinCarved.png Jack-o'-Lantern
TorchStand.png Torch Stand WallTorch.png Wall Torch Crossbow Quiver.png Crossbow bolt
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe LandscapingStake.png Landscape Stake Torch.png Torch
WoodenMallet.png Wooden Mallet WoodenShovel.png Wooden Shovel

Used to Build

BattlementStoneStraight.png Battlement StoneBattlementRoundSmall.png Small Round Battlement StoneBattlementSideDiagonal.png Diagonal Battlement
StoneBattlementRoundLargeSide.png Large Round Battlement BlankTower.png Wooden Support Wood90Support.png Sloped Wooden Support
PalisadeSlope.png Sloped Palisade, Right PalisadeStraight.png Palisade PalisadeStraightTop.png Palisade Spikes
PalisadeSlopeTop.png Sloped Palisade With Spikes, Right PalisadeDiagonal.png Diagonal Palisade PalisadeDiagonalTop.png Diagonal Palisade Spikes
PalisadeLargeRound.png Large Round Palisade PalisadeLargeRoundTop.png Large Round Palisade Spikes LedgePlatform.png Ledge Platform
SmallRoundLedgePlatform.png Small Round Ledge Platform DiagonalLedgePlatform.png Diagonal Ledge Platform LargeRoundLedgePlatform.png Large Round Ledge Platform
StoneCube.png Stone Cube SmallSlope.png Small Slope StoneRoundedFull.png Small Round Corner
StoneStairsSimple.png Stairs AngledStairsSlopeCorner.png Angled Stairs Slope-Corner StoneArchFull.png Small Arch
HouseStoneRoundIn.png Round Interior StoneRoundInDoorLeft.png Round Interior Entrance, Left SpiralStairs.png Stairs, Right Spiral
StairsSharp.png Angle Stairs, Right Spiral StoneCeilingStraight.png Arch LargeSlope.png Large Slope
StoneBlockSlopeCorner.png Angled Slope-Corner StonePillarSquare.png Square Pillar StoneRoundLargeFull.png Large Round Corner
StoneWall.png Wall StoneWindow.png Wall With Window StoneDoor.png Wall With Entrance
StoneArchFullWall.png Wall With Arch StoneRoundedWall.png Small Round Wall StoneRoundedWindow.png Round Wall With Window
StoneRoundedDoorOfset.png Round Wall, Left Entrance StoneWallArchHalf.png Wall Arch, Left StoneWallDoorCenter.png Large Wall With Entrance
StoneWallWindowCenter.png Large Wall With Window WallSlopeLeft.png Wall Slope, Left HouseHalfStoneTriangleOdd.png Wall Top
StoneWallRoundLarge.png Large Round Wall LargeRoundWallRightDoor.png Large Round Wall, Left Entrance LargeRoundWallLeftDoor.png Large Round Wall, Right Entrance
LargeRoundWallDoubleDoor.png Large Round Wall, Double Entrance LargeRoundWallRightWindow.png Large Round Wall, Left Window StoneWallRoundLargeWindow.png Large Round Wall, Right Window
LargeRoundWallDoubleWindow.png Large Round Wall, Double Windows BattlementRoofTriangle.png Roof Battlement, Right MachicolationRoundLarge.png Large Round Machicolation
MachicolationRound.png Small Round Machicolation MachicolationStraight.png Machicolation DrawBridge.png Wooden Drawbridge
WoodenCeilingDoor.png Wooden Trapdoor PalisadeGate.png Palisade Gate Portcullis.png Wooden Portcullis
WoodenGate.png Wooden Gate ClaimBlock.png Claim Block ClaimBlockWood.png Wooden Claim Block
BannerWorkstation.png Banner Workstation Klin.png Kiln BasicHay.png Thatch Roof
RoofHayTop.png Thatch Roof Top Section BasicRoof.png Tile Roof RoofTileOddTop.png Tile Roof Top Section
RoofTileCornerRoundTall.png Tall Round Tile Roof BasicWood.png Wooden Roof RoofWoodTop.png Wooden Roof Top Section
Stockpile Log.png Large Stockpile for Logs Stockpile Stone.png Large Stockpile for Stones Stockpile Timber.png Large Stockpile for Timbers
House Half Timber Wall.png Half-timber Wall House Half Timber Window.png Half-timber Wall With Window House Half Timber Door.png Half-timber Wall With Entrance
House Half Timber Triangle.png Half-timber Wall Slope HouseTimberTriangleOdd.png Half-timber Wall Top StickFence.png Stick Fence
WallWoodLog.png Log Wall WallWoodLogWithWindow.png Log Wall With Window WallWoodLogWithEntrance.png Log Wall With Entrance
WallWoodLogSlopeLeft.png Log Wall Slope, Left WallWoodLogSlopeTop.png Log Wall Top BattlementStoneStraightCenter.png Ledge Battlement
LedgeBattlementOutsideCorner.png Ledge Battlement, Outer Corner LedgeBattlementInsideCorner.png Ledge Battlement, Inner Corner BattlementStoneCorner.png Corner Battlement
StoneBattlement1Round.png Small Round Ledge Battlement StoneBattlementCenterDiagonal.png Diagonal Ledge Battlement StoneBattlementRoundLargeCenter.png Large Round Ledge Battlement
PalisadeSlopeMir.png Sloped Palisade, Left PalisadeStraightTopBattlement.png Palisade Battlement PalisadeSlopeMirTop.png Sloped Palisade With Spikes, Left
PalisadeSlopeMirTopBattlement.png Sloped Palisade Battlement, Right PalisadeSlopeTopBattlement.png Sloped Palisade Battlement, Left PalisadeDiagonalTopBattlement.png Diagonal Palisade Battlement
PalisadeLargeRoundTopBattlement.png Large Round Palisade Battlement LedgePlatformOutsideCorner.png Ledge Platform, Outer Corner LedgePlatformInsideCorner.png Ledge Platform, Inner Corner
SmallSlopeRBattlement.png Small Slope, Right Battlement StoneSlope.png Small Slope, Left Battlement SmallSlopeBattlements.png Small Slope, Double Battlement
DiagonalStairsSlopeCorner.png Diagonal Stairs Slope-Corner StoneBlockStairsCorner.png Round Stairs Slope-Corner RoundInteriorWithDoorRight.png Round Interior Entrance, Right
StairsLeftSpiral.png Stairs, Left Spiral AngleStairsLeftSpiral.png Angle Stairs, Left Spiral ArchOuterCorner.png Arch Outer Corner
ArchInnerCorner.png Arch Inner Corner ArchInnerCornerAngled.png Arch Inner Corner Angled StoneSlopeLong.png Large Slope, Left Battlement
LargeSlopeRBattlement.png Large Slope, Right Battlement LargeSlopeBattlements.png Large Slope, Double Battlement LargeSlopeVertical.png Large Vertical Slope
RoundSlopeCorner.png Round Slope-Corner DiagonalSlopeCorner.png Diagonal Slope-Corner StoneBlockSlopeDiagonal.png Small Slope Diagonal
SmallStoneCeiling.png Small Slope Ceiling StoneRoundedDoor.png Round Wall, Entrance RoundWallRightDoor.png Round Wall, Right Entrance
WallArchRight.png Wall Arch, Right HouseHalfStoneTriangle.png Wall Slope, Right LargeRoundWallRoundRightDoor.png Large Round Wall, Right Door
LargeRoundWallRoundLeftDoor.png Large Round Wall, Left Door LargeRoundWallRoundDoubleDoor.png Large Round Wall, Double Doors LargeRoundWallRightDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Left Entrance Offset
LargeRoundWallRoundLeftDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Left Door Offset LargeRoundWallLeftDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Right Entrance Offset LargeRoundWallRoundRightDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Right Door Offset
LargeRoundWallDoubleDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Double Entrance Offset LargeRoundWallRoundDoubleDoorOffset.png Large Round Wall, Double Door Offset StoneWallRoundLargeWindow.png Large Round Wall, Right Shutters
LargeRoundWallRightWindow.png Large Round Wall, Left Shutters LargeRoundWallDoubleWindow.png Large Round Wall, Double Shutters RoofBattlementLeft.png Roof Battlement, Left
MachicolationCornerIn.png Machicolation Outer Corner MachicolationCornerOut.png Machicolation Inner Corner RoundWallInLeftDoor.png Round Interior With Door, Left
RoundWallInRightDoor.png Round Interior With Door, Right WallWoodLogWithDoor.png Log Wall With Door WallWoodLogWithShutters.png Log Wall With Shutters
StoneWallRoundDoorLeft.png Round Wall, Left Door StoneWallRoundDoorRight.png Round Wall, Right Door PlankShutter.png Half-timber With Shutters
WoodShutterRound.png Round Wall With Shutters WoodShutter.png Wall With Shutters StoneWallRoundDoor.png Wall With Door
PlankDoor.png Half-timber Wall With Door ThatchRoofInnerCorner.png Thatch Roof Inner Corner ThatchRoofOuterCorner.png Thatch Roof Outer Corner
RoundThatchRoofCorner.png Round Thatch Roof Corner ThatchRoofTopPlusSection.png Thatch Roof Top + Section ThatchRoofTopEnd.png Thatch Roof Top End
ThatchRoofTopPeak.png Thatch Roof Top Peak ThatchRoofTopTSection.png Thatch Roof Top T Section ThatchRoofTopCorner.png Thatch Roof Top Corner
RoofTileInvCorner.png Tile Roof Inner Corner RoofTileCorner.png Tile Roof Outer Corner RoofTileCornerRound.png Round Tile Roof Corner
RoofTileOddCross.png Tile Roof Top + Section RoofTileOddCut.png Tile Roof Top End RoofTileOddEnd.png Tile Roof Top Peak
RoofTileOddT.png Tile Roof Top T Section RoofTileOddTurn.png Tile Roof Top Corner RoofTileLargeRound.png Large Round Tile Roof
WoodenRoofInnerCorner.png Wooden Roof Inner Corner WoodenRoofOuterCorner.png Wooden Roof Outer Corner RoundWoodenTileRoofCorner.png Round Wooden Roof Corner
WoodenTileRoofTopPlusSection.png Wooden Roof Top + Section WoodenTileRoofTopEnd.png Wooden Roof Top End WoodenTileRoofTopPeak.png Wooden Roof Top Peak
WoodenTileRoofTopTSection.png Wooden Roof Top T Section WoodenTileRoofTopCorner.png Wooden Roof Top Corner WallWoodLogSlopeRight.png Log Wall Slope, Right
HouseHalfStoneWallArrowSlit.png Wall With Arrow Slit StoneWallArrowSlitCenter.png Large Wall With Arrow Slit HouseStoneRoundedArrowSlit.png Round Wall With Arrow Slit
StoneWallRoundLargeArrowSlitRight.png Large Round Wall, Left Arrow Slit StoneWallRoundLargeArrowSlitLeft.png Large Round Wall, Right Arrow Slit StoneWallRoundLargeArrowSlitDoubleWindows.png Large Round Wall, Double Arrow Slits


This item has the following tag(s)


Inventory Item


6.7 kg

Stack Size

15 item(s)

Hit Points

10 points


Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [10 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [10 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [10 second(s)]
      Oven.png Oven  [10 second(s)]