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X Obsolete
This item became obsolete in version 0.6. It was removed, or will be removed, in version 0.6.

Version: 0.5

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

BattlementStoneStraight.png Battlement BattlementStoneCorner.png Corner Battlement StoneBattlementSideDiagonal.png Diagonal Battlement
DiagonalLedgePlatform.png Diagonal Ledge Platform StoneBattlementCenterDiagonal.png Diagonal Ledge Battlement LedgePlatform.png Ledge Platform
BattlementStoneStraightCenter.png Ledge Battlement LedgePlatformOutsideCorner.png Ledge Platform, Outside Corner LedgeBattlementOutsideCorner.png Ledge Battlement, Outside Corner
LedgePlatformInsideCorner.png Ledge Platform, Inner Corner LedgeBattlementInsideCorner.png Ledge Battlement, Inner Corner LargeRoundLedgePlatform.png Large Round Ledge Platform
StoneBattlementRoundLargeCenter.png Large Round Ledge Battlement SmallRoundLedgePlatform.png Small Round Ledge Platform StoneBattlement1Round.png Small Round Ledge Battlement
StoneBattlementRoundLargeSide.png Large Round Battlement StoneBattlementRoundSmall.png Small Round Battlement BattlementRoofTriangle.png Roof Battlement, Right
RoofBattlementLeft.png Roof Battlement, Left MachicolationStraight.png Machicolation MachicolationCornerIn.png Machicolation Inner Corner
MachicolationCornerOut.png Machicolation Outer Corner

Research Unlocked By This Schematic


Research Required to Craft This Schematic

DefensiveStoneWorks.png Defensive Stone Works

Hardening.png Metal Hardening

Items Required to Craft This Schematic

StoneLarge.png 30  Large Stone

HammerOneHand Construction.png 1  Iron Hammer

Inventory Item


0.02 kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)