Iron Axe

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Iron Axe

The Iron Axe is the primary cutting tool in Medieval Engineers, followed by the StoneAxe0.5.png Stone Axe. It is used to obtain Log250cm.png Logs from trees.

Version: 0.5

Tool Information



Primary Function


Secondary Function


Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

Smithy.png Smithy

Required Research (Any)

Hardening.png Metal Hardening

Required Items

WoodenStick.png 3  Wooden Sticks
IngotIron.png 1  Iron Ingot

Amount Produced

1 item

Crafting Time

1 second(s)

Castable To Ingot or Metal Parts

IngotIron.png 1  Iron Ingot

Inventory Item


0.5 kg

Stack Size

1 item(s)