Mechanical Sawmills

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Mechanical Sawmills

"Includes knowledge about utilizing mechanical power to drastically increase sawing speed and efficiency.

Quickly saw Logs into Timbers or Planks using the power of a Windmill and increase output!"

Version: 0.6.4

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

Weaving.png Weaving Mechanics.png Strings Attached Milling.png Milling

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

MechanicalBlocks.png Schematic: Mechanical Sawmills

Quest Steps

Step 1

Advanced technology requires more effort to learn. Gather the resources you'll need first. Linseed Oil is required for mechanical parts to operate but, once it's expended, you will not get it back after deconstructing a mechanical block.

• Obtain 6x Wooden Sticks (0/6)
• Obtain 62x Timber (0/62)
• Obtain 9x Round Timber (0/9)
• Obtain 7x Linseed Oil (0/7)
• Obtain 6x Basic Rope (0/6)
• Obtain 4x Cloth (0/4)
• Obtain 4x Wind Mill Blade (0/4)
• Obtain 20x Metal Parts (0/20)
• Obtain 8x Plank (0/8)

Step 2

A simple windmill is a perfect demonstration for mechanical blocks. Create a building at least five blocks tall. On a flat outside wall build a Mechanical Sawmill.

Build Mechanical Sawmill.

Step 3

Build a Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up next of the sawmill.

• Place 1x Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up (0/1)
• Build 1x Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up (0/1)

Step 4

Build 3 Framed Vertical Mechanical Shafts on top of the Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint.

• Place 3x Framed Vertical Mechanical Shaft (0/3)
• Build 3x Framed Vertical Mechanical Shaft (0/3)

Step 5

On top of the shafts, place a Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down. Make sure the horizontal connector faces away from the building.

• Place 1x Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down (0/1)
• Build 1x Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down (0/1)

Step 6

Attach a Mechanical Windmill to the joint. Use Control+Mouse Wheel Up and Control+Mouse Wheel Down while placing the Mechanical Windmill to change the distance.

• Place 1x Mechanical Windmill (0/1)
• Build 1x Mechanical Windmill (0/1)

Step 7

Notice that after attaching the windmill, your mechanical system came alive. if you connected everything properly, the round shafts in all of the mechanical blocks are moving now. However, it does nothing useful. Let's change that by crafting a toolhead at a Smithy.

Craft a Timber Toolhead for Sawmill.

Step 8

Each mechanical block added to the system increases friction. If you build a mechanical system that stops, then it has become too large for a single windmill to power. Reduce the amount of transmissions until windmill rotates. Place the toolhead into the mill's toolhead inventory. Add Logs to Sawmill's inventory and watch as they are crafted automatically into Timbers.

Produce 12 Timbers and take them.