Simple Table

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Simple Table
Version: 0.6.4

Block Information


Small Block


6 x 4 x 3



Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

WoodTable.png Crafting Table

Required Research (Any)

Furniture.png Basic Furnishing

Required Items

Plank.png 4  Plank

Amount Produced

1 items

Crafting Time

1 second(s)


Number of Slots

4 slot(s)

Whitelisted Items

Antlers.png Deer Antlers IngotCopper.png Copper Ingot IngotIron.png Iron Ingot
IngotSilver.png Silver Ingot IngotBronze.png Bronze Ingot IngotTin.png Tin Ingot
IngotGold.png Gold Ingot IngotSteel.png Steel Ingot RoofTileStack.png Roof Tiles
JarClay.png Clay Jar JarClayWithLinseedOil.png Linseed Oil LinenString.png Linen String
MetalParts.png Metal Parts Ink.png Ink StripsLeather.png Leather Strips
Cloth.png Cloth Map Piece01 Background.png Treasure Map Piece, 1 of 4 Map Piece02 Background.png Treasure Map Piece, 2 of 4
Map Piece03 Background.png Treasure Map Piece, 3 of 4 Map Piece04 Background.png Treasure Map Piece, 4 of 4 Bandage.png Bandage
Bread.png Bread HodgePodge.png Hodge Podge MeatRoasted.png Roast Meat
Salad.png Salad FruitJuice.png Fruit Juice BreadSpiced.png Spiced Bread
BreadSweetened.png Sweet Bread Tea.png Tea Goulash.png Goulash
SoupWithBread.png Soup with Bread Berries.png Berries FruitsOpuntia.png Cactus Fruits
CabbageHead.png Cabbage Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Mushrooms.png Mushrooms
Herbs.png Herbs WoodenRoot.png Roots Meat.png Meat
KingStatueSchematic.png Unique schematic: King Statues ClaimblockWood.png Schematic: Lay Claim WoodenHouse.png Schematic: Basic Wooden House
IronWorks.png Schematic: Smelting Furniture.png Schematic: Basic Furnishing LargeStockpile.png Schematic: Stockpiling
MetalTools.png Schematic: Civilian Tools WoodenHouse2.png Schematic: A Better House ExtraStorage.png Schematic: Improved Storage
Furniture2.png Schematic: Better Furnishing StoneWalls.png Schematic: Stone House TileRoofs.png Schematic: Luxury House
SteelTools.png Schematic: Master's Tools StoneGates.png Schematic: Grand Entrance ClaimblockWoodEcon.png Schematic: Take Ownership
IronWorksEcon.png Schematic: Ore Refining WoodenHouseEcon.png Schematic: Basic Housing FineCeramics.png Schematic: Terracotta
MetalToolsEcon.png Schematic: Smithing Milling.png Schematic: Milling SchematicsDrawing.png Schematic: Schematic Drafting
GourmetCooking.png Schematic: Fine Cuisine Seeding.png Schematic: Crop Production SimpleCart.png Schematic: Transportation
WoodenHouse2Econ.png Schematic: Deluxe Housing Mechanics.png Schematic: Strings Attached Weaving.png Schematic: Weaving
MechanicalBlocks.png Schematic: Mechanical Gristmills MechanicalBlocks.png Schematic: Mechanical Sawmills MetalWeapons.png Schematic: The Path Of War
IronWorksMil.png Schematic: Metal Working Palisades.png Schematic: Palisades MetalPickaxe.png Schematic: Metal Tools
MetalWeapons.png Schematic: Metal Weapons PalisadesGate.png Schematic: Palisade Gates PalisadesRound.png Schematic: Round Palisades
IronCrossbowMil.png Schematic: Advanced Weapons SimpleCartMil.png Schematic: Supply Cart StoneWallsMil.png Schematic: Fortifications
MechanicsMil.png Schematic: Military Mechanics SteelToolsMil.png Schematic: Steel Weapons StoneWorks.png Schematic: Military Stoneworks
StoneGatesMil.png Schematic: Defensive Barriers StoneWallsRound.png Schematic: Advanced Fortifications AdvancedMechanics.png Schematic: Siege Mechanics
Projectiles.png Schematic: Siege Munitions Seeds Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Seeds Seeds Cabbage.png Cabbage Seeds
Seeds Flax.png Flax Seeds Seeds WheatStraws.png Wheat Seeds Seeds Herbs.png Herbal Plants Seeds
Map Journeyman.png Journeyman's Treasure Map Map Scribe.png Scribe's Treasure Map Map Trader.png Trader's Treasure Map

Inventory Item


4 kg

Stack Size

1 item(s)

Hit Points

100 points


Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [40 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [40 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [40 second(s)]
      Oven.png Oven  [40 second(s)]