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Version: 0.5

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When initially constructed, a claim block will provide one hour of protection for an area. You must add items to its inventory in order to increase the protection time; you may back pay your taxes for up to seven real days. This is a comprehensive table of item-to-time ratios for claim blocks when paying taxes.

Item Name Time Added
Bandage.png Bandage 40
Berries.png Berries 20
Bread.png Bread 29
CabbageHead.png Cabbage 20
FlaxBundle.png Flax Straws 20
FlourBag.png Flour Sack 96
Dish GrannysPlentys.png Goulash 240
Herbs.png Herbs 20
IngotIron.png Iron Ingot 240
IronOreIcon.png Iron Ore 40
StoneLarge.png Large Stone 20
LinenString.png Linen String 48
Log250cm.png Log 60
Meat.png Meat 50
MetalParts.png Metal Parts 29
Mushrooms.png Mushrooms 25
Dish MushroomSoup0.5.png Mushroom Soup 100
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 30
MeatRoasted.png Roast Meat 60
WoodenRoot.png Roots 10
Dish RuthsRoots.png Roots with Shrooms 100
Dish VeggieReggie.png Salad 120
ScrapWoodBranches.png Scrap Wood Branches 10
Dish Shroomsteak.png Shroom Steak 210
StoneOreSmall.png Small Stone 5
Timber.png Timber 15
WheatStraws.png Wheat Straws 20
WoodenStick.png Wooden Sticks 4

*In above table, time is in real-life minutes for sortability.

The top five fuels recommended by players for your claim block are as follows:

  1. Wheat straw. Wheat is easily farmed once you are established, and 8 wheat grants 2h40m.
  2. Scrap wood branches. Stacked in 15, and unlike the 4 minute wooden sticks, grants 10 minutes each, for a total of 150 minutes per stack as opposed to 60. Excellent if you are also paying with timbers.
  3. Timber. Renewable, it can be gotten from the start of the game with little effort. Ounce for ounce, provides the same efficiency as logs, but can be stacked in 5's for more convenient transport and storage.
  4. Large stone. At 20m per stone, this can be useful if you're doing a lot of mining and not a lot of stone building. While not renewable, it is extremely abundant.
  5. Shroom steak. Raw ingredients grant 155 minutes, while the completed shroom steak grants 210 minutes. If you have one lying around, use it as tax as there are more nutritious foods which are easier to acquire.


  • One of each tax-usable item, when paid as tax, will grant approximately 1 day and 4 hours worth of claim time.
  • 8 wheat grants 2 hours and 40 minutes, with one flour sack granting one hour 36 minutes. When cooked into four bread, 1 hour 56 minutes is granted, possibly accounting for the fuel cost.
  • 10 metal parts grant 290 minutes, while 1 iron ingot only grants 240 minutes.
  • Mushroom soup and Roots With Shrooms grant the exact same time as their combined ingredients, but additionally cost fuel in order to make.
  • Salad and Goulash actually yield less time than their combined components.
  • While it is both tedious and inefficient to run around gathering small rocks, if you need to get rid of a lot of them from either mining or digging (dirt), the claim block is happy enough to eat them.
  • Contested areas will still show up as owned by you on the map.