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The Expandable template is meant to be used to collapse a section of content. This can be any content that is "bulky" and takes up a lot of space, making navigation of the article difficult. By collapsing this information, it is out of the way until the reader expands it.

  • Hint: This works well if you embed lengthy source code inside of it.
  • Hint: Source code content has no maximum size and will expand regardless of screen size.
  • The code above can be pasted into your page and edited.
  • All variables must be used

Example Source

|title=Bacon Ipsum
|content=Bacon ipsum dolor amet commodo salami meatloaf doner adipisicing fatback ad in veniam qui corned beef mollit consectetur. Ball tip meatball pork voluptate labore. In nulla jowl rump ullamco short loin venison, leberkas est. Est filet mignon flank, esse ut aliqua consequat irure occaecat picanha kielbasa minim in jerky eiusmod. Anim t-bone tempor nostrud tail ea jowl ham cupidatat eiusmod eu ut swine boudin. Leberkas exercitation ea pariatur short ribs beef ribs prosciutto tri-tip meatball commodo anim.