Timber Toolhead for Sawmill

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Timber Toolhead for Sawmill
Version: 0.6.3

"Used to craft timbers out of logs.
Insert into the 'Toolhead' slot of a Mechanical Sawmill.

Input: Logs
Output: Timbers"

Mechanical Toolhead

Items Produced

Timber10.png 6  Timber

Items Required

Log250cm.png 1  Log

Time Required to Craft

2.5 second(s)

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

Forge.png Forge
Smithy.png Smithy

Required Research (Any)

MechanicalBlocks.png Mechanical Gristmills

MechanicalBlocks.png Mechanical Sawmills

Required Items

MetalParts.png 30  Metal Parts

Amount Produced

1 items

Crafting Time

15 second(s)

Inventory Item


20 kg

Stack Size

1 item(s)

Hit Points

52 points